Interdependent Intersections

Interdependent Intersections is a work in progress featuring Mimu Gloves, Martial Arts, Sound, Video and Performance. We shared a week in Brittany, France in 2022 and showed our work in progress at APO33’s ElectroPixel Festival in Nantes.

We’re excited to announce that we will be developing the piece further in Sweden in the summer of 2023, with funding from the Nordisk Kulturfond.

The team consists of Amble Skuse, Bosko Begovic (Movement) Jen MacGregor (Dramaturg and Director) Adam Miklos (Film Maker).

The work sets a new vision of how disability works through technology to a new normative. As we move towards an ever more integrated technological humanity, we explore how this affects bodies which are non-normative. We work with movement and body sensors, sound and video art to explore how we connect and interdepend on each other and the technology around us. Is technology a humanising assistance or a way of separating and isolating us? When does personal freedom become isolation?