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Amble Skuse – Reviews


Reviews of We Ask These Questions of Everybody

The i – 5 Stars

“Politically important and an artistic triumph”

“unquestionably politically important work; it is also an artistic triumph.”

“Astonishing: elegant, enraging, restlessly inventive”

“Skuse’s music has a complex, absorbing geometry. Its delicate tunes are wound into fidgety fugues and counterpoint, the tension and bludgeoning repetitiveness of the central encounter vibrating through every phrase.”


The Stage – 4 Stars

“HERA’s powerful and timely exposé of systemic ableism”

“There is horror and fury, but also beauty, wisdom and…resilience”


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‘Spectacular… groundbreaking even. It opens the shutters to something entirely original’ – fRoots

‘…passages of great liminal mystery and power, echoing and remoulding the lyrical contents – ballads of murder and death – to create huge, all-encompassing soundworlds that gives the material a powerful new lease of life… essential listening for fans’ – Songlines

‘…pays its respects to the past, while reaching forward into innovative new technologies. The piano harmonies are understated and complex, and the electronics whisper like ghosts…’ Wire Magazine

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