1. Clachan Beo – collaboration as part of Remembered Imagined. Using archive stories from the School of Scottish Studies Kist O Riches, performed live by Aonghas Phàdraig Caimbeul.
  2. In a Quiet Night – using Chinese poem In A Quiet Night mixed with found sound in a Beijing Hutong at night and electric violin.
  3. MIgrant Worker Children in China Soundscape – using interview material collected by Linda Yi. Linda spoken to children who had been left behind in the coutryside with exgtended family while their parents went to work in the factories in Beijing.
  4. Pilgrim – piece for dancer Zoe Dimitriou. Using recordings from Zoe’s trip to Ireland.
  5. Tinderbox Migration Haiku Soundscape – using Haikus written by migrants to Edinburgh as part of the Tinderbox Journey of a Thousand Wings project.
  6. YES Soundscape – using interviews and press recordings made by National Collective during the Scottish Independene campaign. Made as part of the touring Yestival of artists supporting Scottish independence.