Classical Instruments with Electronics

These pieces were written for ensembles, duos and soloists to play alongside tape parts and processing.










Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows

Written for Mr McFalls Chamber (String 4 with electronics), performed live at Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre, Peebles.


      1. Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows, Live Mr McFalls Chamber.

Ystryd Clyd

Written for Piano and Bass Clarinet, performed live by Red Note Ensemble at Glasgow City Hall.


      2. Ystryd Clud Live performance by Red Note Ensemble


Written for Soprano Voice, Alto Flute and Electronics, performed live by Rosie Coad and Carla Rees of Rarescale Ensemble at Wigmore Hall.


      3. Sligachan performed by Carla Rees and Rosie Coad

Great Maiden of Corrodale

Written for String Quartet, Piano, Harp and Electronics. Performed by Mr McFalls Chamber, Alistair Iain Paterson , Fiona Rutherford live at Stirling Tollbooth.


      4. Great Maiden of Corrodale performed live by Mr McFalls Chamber

Sea Longing

Written for String Quartet and electronics. Performed live by Mr McFalls Chamber at Heriot Toon Studios.


      5. Sea Longing performed live by Mr McFalls Chamber