Mimu Gloves

I was lucky enough to start working with the Mimu gloves as part of my Remote Ctrl residency in 2021.

My approach has been to treat them in a similar way to my other body sensor work, and look for ways the the gloves to be generative, rather than directive. In this appraoch I make sounds with parameters which are changed by the gloves, the gloves are then moved in order to generate a soundscape. This is kind of the reverse of other practitioners who use the gloves to trigger a very definite sound or effect.

I also made some videos which you can see in my Belgrade Residency page.

I’m currently working on a blog exploring my thoughts on the gloves, but it’s not quite ready for human consumption. I tried it on the cat and it was sick…

I have done a podcast and a presenation about the gloves though, so if you’d like to hear me wiffle on about them have a look below.

Pervasive Media Podcast with Izzi Valentine, Luke Emery and Dre Spisto