Normalised Interfacing Plymouth

Soundwalk with Emily Fong Mapping

I create a soundwalk built by tracking the process of exploring a city using a wheelchair. We begin to see patterns and traces left by those for whom the city was not imagined. Which routes are accessible, when will I have to retrace my steps? How will I navigate routes which are impassible? How much of this city is built for a body which is not mine? By undertaking this exploration of the city, I become a performer to those around me. I perform my disability. I become a spectacle. By being a sick person in the wrong space I draw attention to that discomfort. As an artistic intervention, this is live performance. But as a composer I then develop it into a piece of sound work which explores the experience of disabled people in the city. I work with bio-sensors to control max patches to create soundscapes from the snippets of audio. The soundscapes will feature edited material from the explorations / performance recordings, layering sounds to create a sonic experience of the performance.