Electronics for Women / Transgender and ‘others’


I’m in the process of setting up my ElectronChics workshops, a bespoke service for women who would like to add some kind of electronics practice to their work. This could be learning how to record into your laptop, using interfaces, make max patches, processing live sound, creating circuits, or anything else.


The workshops will be held at my home in Scotland with tea and cake available. I may also be able to deliver workshops in London and the South West of England. They will be friendly, open, non macho, and lead by the participants. You tell me what you want, at what speed, and how much you want to cover. It’s designed as a safe and freindly space to try new things.


If you’d like to book a session please get in touch and we’ll arrange a date once the workshops are up and running.


Flute teaching!


If you’re looking for a Flute teacher in Edinburgh, Perth or Fife  please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


I can teach children as young as 4 on the fiddle and around 7 on the flute.

The information below is designed for students and parents.


There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument. Learning an instrument is a long term project, and can help children learn how to work towards a goal, gain a sense of achievement, and develop self confidence. Playing an instrument can also develop co-ordination, concentration, and communication skills. Learning about music requires understanding and interpretation of patterns; this has been shown to help with numeracy and language use.


I believe that learning and playing music should be fun, I like to have an  approachable teaching style and support the student in discussing and recognising their achievements. I also support my students in working on duets and small group playing, which helps to develop their social and communication skills. As a young player progresses on their instrument, there are a number of groups and ensembles for them to join. These opportunities bring them into contact with other young musicians and offer performance opportunities.


Don’t be put off by the cost of buying an instrument! I have a number of beginner flutes to borrow until you know whether it’s the right instrument for you. If you do wish to buy your own flute, I can help advise on the process.


I can teach during school time, or come to your home after school, which ever is easier. The lessons can run through term time and school holidays.


I have a CRB disclosure  (and a Scottish PVG) and have attended a 2 day child protection course.


Please contact me for more information.