Balancing Act Radiophrenia Redux,  Resonance FM & Wave Farm, Upstate New York


Balancing Act (Live Version) Sonic CyberFeminisms Conference, Lincoln, UK


British ParaOrchestra and City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Symphony Hall, Birmingham.


Balancing Act Radio Borealis, Bergen




OFFAL performance Women in Music Tech 2016, Georgia, US


Bleak Moose Electronics duo, La Plant, Montreal


Bleak Moose Electronics duo, Brutopia, Montreal


Bleak Moose Electronics duo, House of Common, Ottowa


OFFAL performance International Conference on Live Coding, Hamilton, Canada


Balancing Act 1464 Today’s Art Festival – The Hague


Medulla Obligato NEAR – Nantes Electronic Art Rencontre
AudioDH Today’s Art Festival, Korzo Theater, The Hague, Sept 2016


Balancing Act Fuck the Patriarchy, UK, Sept 2016


Balancing Act Radiophenia Commission, Scotland, Sept 2016


Still Again Belladrum Festival, Scotland, Aug 2016


OFFAL improvisation International Conference on Live Interfaces ACCA Auditorium, Sussex University, Brighton, July 2016


Balancing Act 1464 Schoenburgszall, The Hague, June 2016


Live Electronics Improvisation With Johan Van Kreij & Colin Frank, Music House, The Hague, June 2016


Balancing Act 1464 Lights Out Listening Group, Glasgow, May 2016


Dark Matter, Light Cycles 17 Gallery, Aberdeen, Feb 2016


Pilgrim, Soundscape, 4 channel. Field Recordings, Collaboration with dancer Zoi Dimitriou , Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London


Colonel Fabien, Soundscape, Stereo using field recordings, Lights Out Listening Group, Shona Island, Scotland, Nov 15


Cluster, Cello, Flute, Vibraphone and Tape. Field Recordings and synthesised noise. , Red Note Ensemble, Sound Festival, New Music Scotland Conference, Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, Oct 15


Improvisation, Electric Fiddle & Laptop, Richard Barrett Electro Acoustic Ensemble, Schoenburgszall, The Hague, Netherlands, Oct 15


Do Less (improvisation), Recording of live improvisation, Guqin & Electronics, Carolyn Chen & Amble Skuse, Lights Out Listening Group, Glasgow, Oct 15


Tracks and Sleepers, Installation & Performance, Amble Skuse, Gayfield Square Gallery, Edinburgh, Aug 15


Remembered Futures Beijing, Full programme concert including Do Less, Close your Eyes and Breathe, Natural and Unnatural, We Play, and Tones Bequeathed by Octopus. , Amble Skuse, Carolyn Chen, Grace Leslie, Institute for Provocation, Beijing, July 15


Tracks and Sleepers, Live performance / installation on trains, Amble Skuse, from Scotland to Singapore, Apr– Jun 15


In a Quiet Night, For This Night & Sligachan, Voice, Alto flute and Electronics, Carla Rees, Rosie Coad, Amble, Skuse , Broadcast on Radiophrenia, Apr 15



Como Sera?, String Quintet, Piano, Electronics, Mr McFalls Chamber and Andrew Dunlop, Glasgow Concert Hall as part of Celtic Connections, Jan 15


Clachan Beò & Stone Village, String Quintet, Actor, Alto Gaelic Voice & Electronics, Mr McFalls Chamber, Angus Peter Campbell and Maeve Mackinnon, Amble Skuse, Sound Festival Aberdeen, Nov 14


One No Many Yeses, Soundscape, Touring as part of Yestival. Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Stirling, Inverness, Scottish Borders, Dumfries & Galloway, Argyll and Shetland, Jun / July 14


Memory Lane – a Remembered Imagined production, Fixed Media Soundscape and Live Guitar and Concertina. Amble Skuse, Kris Drever, Simon Thoumire, Su-a Lee, Recorded at Red October Studios for outdoor walking installation in Leith for the Edinburgh Festival 2014, Apr 14

Frank’s War

Nana’s Singsong

Well Juiced


Clachan Beò & Stone Village – a Remembered Imagined production, String Quintet, Actor, Alto Gaelic Voice & Electronics, Mr McFalls Chamber, Maeve MacKinnon and Angus Peter Campbell, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Mar 14


Haiku, Soundscape of Haikus on the theme of home, Tinderbox Orchestra , Orchestra Journey of a Thousand Wings, Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Dec 13


Composition Marathon, Scottish Music Centre, Glasgow, Sept 13


Muted Rainbow, Improvisations featuring electric fiddle, ipad and live electronics, Amble Skuse, Michelle Proksel , School Bar & Zajia Lab – Beijing, Aug 13


Hua Dan Stories, Soundscape of migrant women and left behind children, Tinderbox & Hua Dan, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, Aug 13


Dumpling Dreams, Music for Theatre, Hua Dan’s ’Dumpling Dreams Monologues’, Fan Xing Theatre Village, Beijing, July 13


In a Quiet Night, Cello, Flute and Electronics., Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights 22”, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Apr 13


6805.396, Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights 20 & 21”, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Mar 13


Stryd Clud, Piano, Bass Clarinet & Electronics, Red Note Ensemble , “Noisy Nights 19” Glasgow City Halls, Nov 12


Butchery, Fixed Media Electronics, We Are Northern Lights , Documentary film Scotland, Oct 12


How Murderous Is Our Love?, Violin, Cello, & Bassoon , Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights 18”, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Oct 12


Sligachan, Flute, Soprano, Electronics, Carla Rees, Rosie Coad, Michael Oliva, Rarescale Summer Concert 3, London, July 12


An Ìochdar an Amar Uisge, Flute, Electric Guitar & Electronics, Carla Rees, David Black, Michael Oliva , Rarescale Summer Concert 2, London, July 12


Como Sera?, Violin, Cello, Free Bass Accordion, Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights 17”, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, May 12


The Great Maiden of Corrodale, Collaboration with Poet, Angus Peter Campbell, String Quintet, Piano, Harp and Electronics, Mr McFalls Chamber & Fiona Rutherford, Alistair Paterson, Amble Skuse , Distil Showcase, Tollbooth Theatre, Stirling, May 12


Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows, String Quartet & Electronics, Mr McFalls Chamber, Mr McFall’s Chamber Electronics Project 2012, Edinburgh, Feb 12


Tre’r Ceiri, Violin, Cello, Harmonium, Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights, 16” Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Dec 11


Perpetuum Mobilé, Theatre collaboration with playwright Sylvia Dow, Red Note Ensemble , Traverse Theatre , Nov 11


Butchery and Dragons, Electro-Acoustic compositions, Amble Skuse , Electrogals Festival, Portland Oregon , Oct 11


Reluctant Fire, Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Carla Rees, Christine Beard & Matjaž Debeljak, European Piccolo Festival, Jezersko, Slovenia, July 11


Reluctant Fire, Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Christine Beard, Anna Hall Wimmer & Sara Schuhardt, University of Nebraska at Omaha, July 11


Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows, Violin, Cello, Electric Guitar, Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights, 14” Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Jun 11


Chapels with Splendid Glass Windows, Violin, Cello, Electric Guitar & Interview, Red Note Ensemble & Amble Skuse, BBC Radio Scotland’s Classic’s Unwrapped , Jun 11


Sea Longing & Dóchas, String Quartet & Electronics, Mr McFalls Chamber Martin Parker & Alex Fiennes , Mr McFalls Chamber Electronic composers Residency, Apr 11


Uisgebhagh, 3 Cellos, Red Note Ensemble, “Noisy Nights 12”, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Feb 11


Garden, Electro-Acoustic composition, Broadcast on Celtic Connections radio, Jan 11


Pre 2011
Reluctant Fire, Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Matjaz Debeljak, Clare Jefferies, Carla Rees, Performed at 8th Slovenian Flute Festival, Jezerko, July 10


Dragons, Fixed Tape piece for Theatre Collaboration, , Melbourne Festival, 2007


Butchery and Dragons, Electro-Acoustic compositions, ‘Random Function’ Bristol, 2006